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Support Environmental Businesses & Orgs just like yours.

*Free to apply.

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Waste Wise is bringing the Environmental Industry to Consumers.

Waste Wise is the gameshow that nobody wants but everyone needs.

It's an educational and engaging show for consumers like us to learn about how our consumption can affect our planet and the industry that is saving it. 

Share what you do with them good peeps of planet earth 🌎


Together we can elevate how people view waste and inspire them to spend with purpose.

Separating Waste



If you got a Planet-First business, organization, project or product, we wanna share it on Waste Wise. Please checkout out our FAQs for more information and eligibility for Planet-First brands.

If your application is accepted, we will send you payment information and next steps on how to get your ad set up and ready to be featured on an episode of Waste Wise!



A single, 15 second ad spot on an exclusive vertical episode of Waste Wise.


Your vertical episode shared on Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, LinkedIn, & Instagram.


An official collaborator post on Instagram with Waste Wise.


professional Voice Over for your Ad.


"As seen on

Waste Wise"

logo for use 


Your logo featured on Waste Wise site with link to your site.


A $50 refferal code to gift to a Planet-First friend!

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$500   $250 

*$250 OFF for the first twenty five paid advertisements.


Not only does your paid advertisement support our environmental education and the lovely contestants of Waste Wise, but we wouldn't be able to afford the following programs without your help.

Giving Goodness

Once a week, Allgoods provides an environmental nonprofit with a 15 second ad spot on Waste Wise, completely free.

Every Episode

Allgoods donates Waste Wise contestant's would be winnings from every incorrect answer  to environmental nonprofits.

Beginner Biz

Once a month, Allgoods randomly selects a nominated planet-first small business to receive a 15 second ad spot on Waste Wise, completely free.



Advertising on Waste Wise not only supports the good you are doing but also that good good of your environmental community. With our powers combined...

Do your part.

Get smart.

Watch Waste Wise.

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  • Who is eligible to advertise on Waste Wise?
    Currently, only Planet-First brands or ethical and transparent Waste Industry brands are eligible.
  • What is a Planet-First brand?
    A Planet-First brand is a business or organization that maintains the planet's well being as its primary focus for operation. It may include one or more of the following: prioritizes the planet over profit, creates sustainable or environmental alternatives in the marketplace, adheres to ethical sourcing, manufacturing, development and/or distribution, directly addresses conservation in branding, product or packaging, advocates for and raises awareness to environmental issues, maintains environmental education in marketing, contributes financial, in-kind or pro-bono support to environmental organizations, projects and initiatives.
  • What is not a Planet-First brand?
    A business or organization including one or more of the following: operating for profit as its primary goal, creating products or services that are not ethically, sustainably or responsibly sourced, manufactured, maintained or conducts activities, business or operations without optimal environmental life cycle conditions as it's priority.
  • What is an Environmental 501c3?
    An Environmental 501c3 is any charity or organization that has recieved and is currently operating under federal 501c(3) classification and is maintaining the environmental well being of the planet as it's primary function.
  • Does my business or organization have to be based in the Unites States to be featured on Waste Wise?
    Yes. Your business or organization must be owned and/or operated within the continental US.
  • How long is the application process to become a Planet-First brand on Waste Wise?
    Currently applications take up to seven business days to review.
  • Besides a fifteen second advertisement, are there other ways my business or organization can be featured on Waste Wise?
    Yes. In addition to 15 second advertisements, Waste Wise is open to entire episode sponsorships, onsite filming and additional collaboration with Planet-First brands and from ethical and transparent organizations or businesses from the Waste Industry.
  • How long is an advertisement on Waste Wise?
    At this time, advertisements are no longer than 15 seconds on Waste Wise.
  • What organizations are eligible to receive payouts from contestants on the Waste Wise?
    Only Environmental 501c3 Nonprofits & Charities are ellible to recieve contestant payouts on the Waste Wise.
  • If my business or organization is ineligible, how soon can I reapply?
    If your business or organization is found to be ineligible as a Planet-First Partner on Waste Wise, you may reapply after 6 months. You must show proof of changes in areas of ineligibility.
  • Can you advertise on Waste Wise more than once?
    Yes. Planet-First brands are eligible to advertise as many times as they would like.
  • Does my Planet-First brand need to apply again to have an additional advertisement on Waste Wise?
    Planet-First brands maintain eligibility for 12 months following first receipt of approval.
  • Are donations spent on contestants or on other charities?
    No. Advertisements on Waste Wise fund pay outs to contestants and environmental nonprofit/charities.

Environmental 501c3 Organization?  🌎  Apply Here

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