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Co Founders
Lila & Corey Cleary-Stoner

Native Texan Actors, our founders Corey and Lila moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to continue their stage, film, voice over and commercial acting careers. In 2016, they realized when they weren’t in front of the camera, they wanted to be behind one and teamed up to create a husband and wife production company, Flower + Stone. Providing graphic design, photography, filming, animation and editing for some of the top wellness brands of their time. (Thrive Market, LeafTV, Well+Good, Osea, Wellements) 


During their time in Los Angeles, they came to realize the inherent difficulty of the commercial acting industry. They were often called in for brands and products they wouldn’t advocate for themselves, much less want to be the image of. Like being the face of a fast food restaurant when they personally didn’t eat or support fast foods. Fully understanding the separation of art from the artist, they still couldn’t bring themselves to continue putting profit in front of morals. 


Then in 2018, the Woolsey fire had struck California. The fire claimed 1,643 buildings causing 6 billion dollars of damage. Additionally, that part of Los Angeles County has a great deal of wild lands and is habitat to a large number of animals that were also affected by the fire. That day they were on the way to a film shoot in West Hollywood, but instead wished they were on the way to help provide assistance to the displaced people fleeing for shelter. Faulty SoCal Edison Equipment caused the fire. The increasing droughts and dryness of the California coastline made it catastrophic. The fire seasons in California between 2018 and 2021 quickly outpaced each other. It was only getting worse.


Something had to change. For them. For the planet. 


August of 2019 they said goodbye to the hustle of LA and hello to the laid back lifestyle of San Diego.


2020, Pandemic.


Confined, curious, cautious and purchasing delivery daily they were given time to research, dream and face the harsh truths about consumerism. 


Their algorithms pointed to the doom that was to come if nothing was done to improve our purchasing habits. 


Doomism made it hard to consume. It made it overwhelming to continue to look for solutions and find the right purchases. Too much to change in a lifetime, so why try?


Therein lied the problem. Where were the solutions? Where was the fun? Where was the optimism? 


Was that even possible? 


“It has to be. If we were feeling this, it has to be worse for others."


Well hotdog, we might be just the goofballs to pull this off!


They began to scheme and dream of casualizing climate solutions.


“We found it fatiguing staring at green posts. They were too radical, too drab. That’s why environmentalism is not for everyone. We found that environmental issues are a result of our economic issues. Big money and little purchases were the cause. What is widely available isn’t necessarily good because it’s made to be cheap. It’s cheap because it is putting profits first and what was more profitable, increased social economic gaps and increased the wear on our environment. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Thennnn we started to see that it wasn’t just the power of our purchase that we need to shed light on, but the unfortunate way we treated ourselves and how we interact with one other that informs the carelessness of our many transactions. Pollution, theft, littering, gauging, scarcity, disease, overproduction, undervaluing, status symbols, unrealistic imagery, deceit, destruction. You get the picture. Profits over people, profits over planet. But how do we change that? Where do we start? There is so much to care about, who even has time to learn? One thing is certain, humanity will always make time for entertainment. Entertainment is the best medium for education and social media is where people get both.”  


On Earth Day April 22, 2022, they founded Allgoods.


“We knew it had to be a nonprofit. This is for everyone. No one owns a nonprofit, that’s the beauty. All the money goes into the mission. The mission educates, entertains and supports the people so the people can save this planet.”



Executive Director/President
Corey Cleary-Stoner

Vice President/Treasurer
Lila Cleary-Stoner

Jake Alan Nelson

Adam Garst

Chris Jones

Keely Johnson

Dwight Mathis

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