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2023 Year
In Review


Published on: 12/29/23

Hiya sweet peeps.

We heart you and all the support you have given us this year. ❤️


Thanks for believing in us and for trusting we were up to something good, even if you weren’t quite sure what it was. We feel yah. We weren’t quite sure either. But we knew we just had to start something and trust the process. And we did. And we’re doing it.


We learned A LOT this year. We DID a lot this year.

Annnnd we are excited to share it with you.


So check it out y’all. Long winded, big hearted. 

Allgoods 2023 Year in Review


Since our launch on Earth Day, April 22, 2023, we've been finding our groove. Currently just a team of two (Corey & Lila) and entirely volunteer driven, there are countless hats to wear and so much to be done. Good thing we like hats. 


We spent the past year immersing ourselves in local environmental movements, partnering with nonprofits and businesses, continually inspired by our Cali community working their buns off everyday to save our planet. Thank you, you beautiful people, you. However, “we don’t need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” Exactly. We’re gettin’ there. But online and off, we have found the environmental space often lacking a key component to education: entertainment. So we want to create a kind and vibrant space where consumers could casually learn, grow and get connected with brands that are putting our planet first. 


And so, CleanUp Kitsune & Waste Wise was born. 

Yoga Beach Cleanup 2023.1 3.jpg

In June 2023, Corey & Lila created the performance art project, CleanUp Kitsune. Japanese inspired, CleanUp Kitsune was designed to generate waste awareness through social contrast, culture and creativity. Equipped with bamboo basket backpacks, trash pickers, period costumes and fox (kitsune) masks, CleanUp Kitsune can be found at various events collecting trash and littering kindness. It’s simple, we pick up trash in crowded public spaces and people pay attention. In addition to keeping events clean, we take pictures with kids and families, share upcycled gifts that inspire and spread joy and kindness to those who wish to interact. Since its launch, CleanUp Kitsune has been to ComicCon, Japanese Fairs, Renaissance Faires, Environmental Events, Farmers Markets, and even became a steward at our beloved Balboa Park here in San Diego. Speaking of, you can find CleanUp Kitsune every resident free Tuesday at the Japanese Friendship Garden. As of today, over 18,000 pieces/148lbs of litter has been responsibly collected, sifted, sorted and disposed of by these two.

Even without the costumes, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We assist local trash cleanups by leading the waste management process. We found that most cleanups are great about the pickup, but the disposal practice is usually an afterthought. Once collected, it takes time and expertise to ensure each piece of litter gets an evaluation and then responsibly sent to either the compost, recycling, landfill, e-waste or hazardous facility. So, we partnered up and began facilitating that process. We’ve personally sifted, sorted and disposed of 381.8 lbs of trash over 3 local community cleanups.

WasteWise.pilotphoto (1).jpg

We’ve continued to educate ourselves and create connections with local planet-first brands this year by attending workshops, summits, co-working events and even a landfill tour. In the process of learning the intricacies of waste disposal, we were growing weary of the drab and dreary means of current waste education. If those of us interested in saving the planet are struggling to stay awake informing ourselves via countless color coded pdfs, we can’t imagine how uninspired the general public must feel. So, we dreamt of a way to liven garbage guidance by creating Waste Wise. Waste Wise is a candid garbage game show where the host asks people on the street five questions about all things waste. The contestants have a chance to win some moolah and the audience has a chance to get educated. For every incorrect answer, Allgoods donates to an environmental nonprofit of their choice. It’s a win, win, win. We filmed our pilot episode in November, and Waste Wise is set to air on popular social platforms in January 2024.


In June, we had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Voices of Our City Choir, an organization here in San Diego empowering those experiencing and coming out of homelessness through music and the arts. We were approached to help them transition away from single use plastic water bottles. We couldn’t just stop there, so we evaluated their entire program and identified several key areas of sustainable improvement. From there, created solutions and opportunities for eliminating and improving single use items, sustainable merch and diverting food waste. We then assisted and maintained their rollout of a refillable and reusable water bottle program for their staff, volunteers and choir members. We created a portable water refill station to facilitate reuse and then assisted the members in the transition and taught them about the problems of plastic waste over the course of 22 weeks. Since August 21st, they have saved over 1100 plastic water bottles.


“Be the change you wish to see,” they say. That’s exactly what we are doing here at Allgoods. We are creating the very same ways we wish to interact with education and the environment, leaning into visual and audible learning, creative immersion and some good ol’ fashion social media entertainment. This way learning becomes passive so that environmental change may grow from within. 


We are grateful for all the smiles, high fives and our growth this year and are lucky for the new friends and old that have joined our journey. Cheers to finishing out 2023 strong and rising to the dreams of 2024. We sincerely appreciate you (heart hands). Thanks for reading!


Much love and Happy New Year,


Corey + Lila



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